Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fastest Way is Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest way to whiten your teeth. In fact, years upon years of staining derived from coffee, sugar, tobacco and other compounds can be removed in an hour or two. Laser teeth whitening London is available now after it moved  over from the states.

There is a general misconception about how your teeth are whitening though. In fact, the only thing that can actually whiten your teeth is Oxygen. The majority of the teeth whitening gels used only clean your teeth and the subsurface deep stains are never actually used which leaves many who buy home whitening kits disappointed with results.

Using laser teeth whitening combined with a bleaching gel applied by a dentist, actually targets deep stains and can remove these deep stains when the compounds on your teeth become oxidised.

To understand what happens we need to first understand some of the basic properties of what it is we are changing. See, our teeth are made out of enamel which is the hardest tissue in our body. Underneath the enamel is a structure called dentine that surrounds the vessels and nerves that actually nourish the teeth. The light that passes through the enamel reflects the dentine which is an almost white colour. This natural colour will mostly be determined by genetics.

When you get laser teeth whitening at a dentist clinic they will first establish your natural dentine colour and try to match it so your teeth can look naturally white rather than glowing or grey. This can be a problem with home whitening kits where a lot of guessing work happens unless you have initially been instructed on what to do by your dentist (individual to the patient).

The staining on the outside of your teeth can easily be removed by toothpaste, but the staining accumulated by years of bad compounds in tobacco, coffee etc will be deeper inside the enamel and on the dentine, hence why teeth look stained in the first place.

The problem with toothpaste and whitening teeth is that if you have deep staining, the toothpaste will not be able to reach the dentine, it will simply clean the outer layer of enamel.

Laser teeth whitening works by adding a layer of whitening gel to your teeth and then using a laser that is tuned to a specific frequency. This will cause a chemical reaction in the gel and this light activated gel will then oxidise. The pours in the enamel then open up and allow the teeth whitening agent in the gel to enter the dentine tubes of the enamel and then the dentine itself. And this is what actually changes the colour of your teeth. No masking, but a real clean back to your natural teeth colour.

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